Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gentoo: How-to unmerge KDE 3 packages if their KDE 4 versions exist

So you've merged KDE 4 versions of your favorite packages and want to remove the 3.5 versions...

Make sure you have installed portage-utils and run the following:

emerge -avC `qlist -C -I -D -v kde | grep 3.5 | sed 's/^/=/g'`

qlist finds the duplicates and lists them, then we use grep to keep only the 3.5 versions, which we then pass to emerge (with = in front of each one) to unmerge :)

you can also remove all of kde 3.5 with a similar command:

emerge -avC `qlist -C -I -v kde | grep 3.5 | sed 's/^/=/g'`


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Linux, EVE Online, Premium Content and Wine :)

Eve is a great game. Unfortunately, the client provided by CCP for linux doesn't include the new and much improved graphics.

Wine handles the game well though, allowing you to play with the Premium Content enabled :D

Steps to make it work:

Install wine

Run winecfg once, select Windows XP under "windows version"

Edit the file ~/.wine/user.reg and add the following lines:
[Software\\Wine\\Direct3D] 1223841454

[Software\\Wine\\DllOverrides] 1223842291

Download the following two files and copy them to

( )
( )

cp d3dx9_35.dll ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32/
cp d3dx9_36.dll ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32/

Download the Arial font and copy it to ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/Fonts/


Then extract it (u need cabextract)
cabextract arial.exe

and copy fonts
cp *TTF ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/Fonts/

Now you're ready to install/copy EVE.

To install, get the client and run "wine client.exe"
To copy, just put the CCP/EVE folder somewhere on your linux filesystem.
cp -R /mnt/win/Games/CCP /opt/games/

Finally, to run EVE, switch to the installed/copied folder
cd /opt/games/CCP/EVE/

and type
wine eve.exe

Enjoy :)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Gentoo: Updating all your 9999 packages

I needed a way to keep my kde-svn up-to-date.

Pretty simple actually:
emerge -av `eix -Jc | grep 9999 | cut -d" " -f2 | tr "\n" " "`