Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gentoo: How-to unmerge KDE 3 packages if their KDE 4 versions exist

So you've merged KDE 4 versions of your favorite packages and want to remove the 3.5 versions...

Make sure you have installed portage-utils and run the following:

emerge -avC `qlist -C -I -D -v kde | grep 3.5 | sed 's/^/=/g'`

qlist finds the duplicates and lists them, then we use grep to keep only the 3.5 versions, which we then pass to emerge (with = in front of each one) to unmerge :)

you can also remove all of kde 3.5 with a similar command:

emerge -avC `qlist -C -I -v kde | grep 3.5 | sed 's/^/=/g'`


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